Sad Little Bee Cute Sticker Sheet with 5 kiss cut stickers per sheet.
Sad Little Bee Cute Sticker Sheet with 5 kiss cut stickers per sheet.

Sad Little Bee Cute Sticker Sheets

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These super cute sticker sheets feature the sad Little Bee. Cute Little Bee has had not just a bad day, but a terrible day. She was initially trying to hold in her tears in, with only her sad puppy eyes showing (how could you deny her anything with those eyes?). Eventually, she couldn't hold it in anymore despite her best efforts, and the tears that were pooling in her eyes ran down her cheeks as she collapsed on the floor sobbing. That poor thing! Don't you want to just give her a big hug and comfort her until she feels better?

  • Two (2) sheets per pack
  • Each sheet measures 3.5" x 4.75"
  • Each Little Bee sticker is about 1.5" tall or wide
  • The matte stickers are non-shiny and removable
  • The glossy stickers are shiny with extra vivid colors
  • Packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve, with a backing cardstock for protection
  • Multi-buy offer available   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You can use these kawaii stickers to decorate planners, greeting cards, and more, or to show your current mood without saying anything. It's also a very empathetic gift for a friend, especially for those who've been going through a rough patch, to show they're not alone and to encourage them to let the negative emotions out. 🥺

Note: There may be minor color differences due to individual screen settings, and because the way colors are shown on screen is inherently different from the way they’re portrayed on printed material. There's also some difference in the perceived print quality, as the materials absorb and reflect ink differently.

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